Favorite song memory

I've wanted to share a memory for a long time, how a Billy Joel classic came into my life in 1978 and occurred at such a moment I've never forgot it. My high school had a ski club that offered a great package at a local ski resort. On this occasion none of my friends could go so I decided to go on my own. After the skiing was over we loaded up into a very nice greyhound bus and I discovered only one chair available next to a beautiful girl, I think she was one year younger. I never felt very confident in the guy-girl arena and wasn't popular at school at all. I asked if she wouldn't mind if I sat next to her and to my surprise, she welcomed me warmly. For the life of me, I couldn't believe how things went from there. We talked the whole way back to school. I think back to how pretty she was and I wonder if the lighting might have cast a uniquely good view on me. It is a sureal memory, and, playing over the music system on that bus, I'll never forget, "Just the way you are". How ironic and what a great memory.


  • That's such a nice memory Dean. It's amazing just what a song can do to you when it's linked to a memory. Sounds like that Boy is still a big part of you if you're still wondering why she talked to you?! I'm sure that lighting didn't have anything to do with it, I think she just liked you!
    One of my favourite song memories was when I was at high school studying Music. I was one of 4 ( everyone else did cookery or art!) I wasn't a popular Kid and got bullied so I spent all my time in the Music block. We listened over and over again to Billy's 'longest time' then learnt the parts, enlisting even my little sister. I think we sounded awfully looking back ( I definately didn't have a bass voice aged 15!) but those lunchtimes hiding out in the sound room were so fun.
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