San Diego ticket presale pool?

Does anyone know how the ticket presales work? I have an American Express but missed the presale start this morning. I also have a SiriusXM subscription and noticed they have a presale starting Thursday. Does each presale have its own pool of tickets? For example should I wait for the SiriusXM presale now that I missed the start of the American Express presale as they might have a different set of tickets available or should I just buy now with the American Express presale?


  • bshofertbshofert Posts: 1
    I just went on line to buy six tickets---any seats and it says none available. I love Billy Joel but hard to believe whole place is sold out this quickly?
  • I'm trying to buy for Seattle. The AMEX presale starts in an hour. I have an AMEX but not sure how that works. I also have a SiriusXM account (babba booey) but they don't appear to be offering a presale for Seattle at this time. Only Philly and Wash.
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