The Houston Concert 11-6-15

The show Friday night was phenomenal,and was actually worth the 20 year wait since the last time I saw Billy perform live (with Elton at Rice Stadium).All the tributes he played for legendary Texas musical legends were spot-on and awe-inspiring. Who else could sing like Roy Orbison,Sly Stone,Buddy Holly AND Janis Joplin, all in the span of a couple of hours? The band was fantastic! Seeing Mark Rivera hit the stage was like watching an old friend walk up, and he delivered in spades as usual.So many great tunes to choose from,and so many were heard at Toyota Center on that cooler than usual gulf coast early November night.Thanks Mr. Joel for adding to my long list of all-time best gigs that I have ever attended,and I couldn't be more grateful as a fan that you decided to tour again.Billy has lost not one ounce of musicianship nor one bit of his famously fine voice.Now if only we could all talk you into going back into the studio one more time for the next historic album that everyone knows (including you,please forgive my bombastic presumptuousness) that you still have in ya. Love ya Bill,thanks again for an awesome night!
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