For my Dad

aladams2aladams2 Posts: 1
edited 08/27/15 in Midwest
I know this is a long shot. I have been so blessed in my life with my father. I know a lot of people say they had the greatest dad but I believe my brother and I truly do. Growing up he would work 6 or 7 days a week working construction, still managing to make every sports game, dance recital, and performance we ever had. He was always there for us whether it be for the good stuff or the bad stuff (he still is). Not only has he been there to support us but has been there for our friends and family too, moving them into college, fixing their washer and dryers, even driving 2 hours one way to just help them build a deck all for free. All this time we grew up with your music. I have distinct memories of my dad belting out Piano Man while driving me to whatever practice I had. You are his favorite artist. My dad and mom are going to your show tonight in Chicago. We bought him tickets to go see you for fathers day. He was even mad at us because he thought we spent too much money on him, he said we should have spent it on ourselves. If you could give him a shout out I'm pretty sure you would make his night. His name is Eric. If not, I completely understand, I know he will have a great night just because he gets to see you in concert tonight. Thank you! And I hope you enjoy Chicago.
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