thank you

Thank you for the entertaining so many for such a long time.
My Wife and I will apart on her birthday this year for the first time in our 32 years of marriage. I will miss her but she will be on a Girls buss trip to Chicago to see our favorite entertainer. I know this is a long shot but somewhere in the crowd there will be 30 some women dressed in pink t shirts. If you could let her know I love her and sing She's always a woman it would mean so much to her. The birthday girl is a beautiful redhead and her name is Leisa Logan.



  • Last night we has an opportunity to listen to Tommy play at Howl at the Moon in Chicago. What a treat! We were impressed by how he performed as a musician and a person. He left the stage quietly and the respect he gave to the other musicians was great. Thanks for a spontaneous performance it was fun to be in the crowd. Leslie and Kevin, Ontario,Canada
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