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    Very mature.
  • There is a fan club for SpitzFritz? :D
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    Just saw last nights concert - FREAKING AMAZING!!!  I've been hooked on BJ since '76....  His music is timeless, pertinent and complex.  In my opinion, one of, if not the best musicians of our era, which is substantiated by his abilities at the tender age of 65.  He performed "Laura," which is a recently new found, but newly favorite of mine.  The crowd wasn't over-enthused, but thank you kindly Mr Joel!  That is one of your best!!  Fandamtastic concert!  In fact, the best I've seen to date, which includes the Doobies, Linda, Neil, JT....  need I say more?!
  • I have a 1977 Album The Stranger for sale! The record has never been plYed as it is in a jacket with the album inside! Anyone wants to buy it I will sell it to them!
  • I have had a connection to most all your songs since the beginning! I had an opportunity to one time see you in Boston at the back of the stage. Didn't get to see you much but was exctatic to say the least! I relate to "scenes from an Italian Resturant, Only the good die young, as a catholic gilrl! haha. Went to a show in Boston and there was a piano man there who did on request play piano man for me. I have always wanted to really get to see you up front, but the funds never emerged to do so. I am so happy about your induction into the music hall of fame as you are so well deserving! My husband is disabled and I work making 8.50 an hour, but still would save to see you if you are ever nearby Maine/Boston. Your words so connect to me, coincdence or not, I need to see you again before we are too old to do so. Please keep me informed of any concerts closeby and any deals you may ahve for your groupy of sorts! Love your talent to the heart!
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    My son was inspired by your piano playing since he was 5. He would listen to the songs and make believe he was playing piano. That made him want to take piano lessons and "be like Billy" as he would say at 6 years old. Now in his 30's he is still inspired by your music and playing piano. He has been to your concerts at Fenway and other venues, but Fenway is the best! We live in Boston, he went to B.U. (as did your daughter) and he lives and works in Boston so we are all about the city. My brother, in the 70's, was a body guard for you while playing in the D.C. area (the pictures show both of you with hair!!). Hoping to get to see you again this year at Fenway and would love to someday meet you. The man who inspired my son to play the piano!! See you August 10th!
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    Dear Mr. Joel,

    My name is Kimberly E. Plaut, I currently live in Massachusetts, My mother abused drugs during her pregnancy with me. My mother contracted toxoplasmosis, which she passed the infection to me. Because of this, I was born legally blind with only limited vision in my left eye, my right eye is prosthetic.

    I also suffer from cognitive impairments, this causes a noticeable and measurable decline in cognitive abilities, including memory and thinking skills. I have type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, respiratory disorder, asthma, acute seizure disorder, high blood pressure, hypertension and an enlarged heart.

    I have been a huge fan of your since I was a kid! Your song: "You're only human/Second Wind", is especially dear to me, because of my depression. It actually inspired me too! I love all your songs, but that one is definitely my favorite! I know you'll be doing a show here in Boston @ Fenway stadium on August 10th, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

    I do not have enough money to buy a ticket to see you, but I was hoping you could send me a pair of tickets, to see your show! A pair because I wanted to bring my friend Reggie Clark. He is also a huge fan and is also blind. It would mean the world to me!

    My address is 70 Pearl Street
    Apt. 608 Brookline, MA. 02445
    My phone number is (508)333-3670.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Kimberly E. Plaut
  • hi billy when are you comeing to sydney again
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