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Been seeing BJ since MSG in NYC in '83. Every tour has been arenas or stadiums. Would really love to see him in a theater type setting for once. How about a tour of 3 or more nights at small venues around the country (Beacon, Wiltern, Fox theaters etc). Less running around for the tour and a chance for the fans to see him in a more intimate setting. Just a thought.

Thanks for all the great music and performances over the years!!!

Stephen Denner


  • Joni727Joni727 Posts: 1
    AGREED !! Small venue would be perfect. 1st time I saw Billy was in the late 70's at a small venue that used to be a movie theater in Passaic NJ called the Capital Theater. ( I dated myself now) He was the 'back up band' for Jon Sebastian and NOBODY wanted him to get off the stage. Next time I saw him was at the same place only this time HE was the main act. (with Melissa do I remember all this..haha) What a great show and great place for a show. Lots of great spots in the NY area for a shows like that one. Bring back the good ol' days. I'm IN !!

    Joni Church
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    He Joni, I was at the Capitol when Melissa Manchester opened for him. It was the 2nd time I saw Billy. The first time was at Rutgers. I have seen him 35 times since. Was just saying this week that the Beacon Theater would be a great venue for him.
  • SDPanicSDPanic Posts: 4
    Nice! We need to start a movement!! We can make it happen.
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    I saw Billy at The Barn at Rutgers ~1977 for like $4! Can you confirm what year he played there? I happened to be walking thru the student center at Douglass College and saw the tix for sale, so bought 4 then got people to go. Great concert! If you were there also, do you recall the price? I'm at [email protected], and would be interested in your feedback. Thanks!
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